The European Laboratory of Bioethics, Technoethics and Law was established on 29 November 2021 ((LAW B΄5537/29.11.2021)) and belongs to the Law Section of the Department of Public Administration of Panteion University.

Research Object of the Laboratory is the legal approach to Bioethics and Technoethics. The above branches are investigated from a legal point of view. The mission of the Laboratory is to study the current legislative framework and propose relevant legislative regulations. For the correct legal documentation, cooperation will also be sought with extrajudicial fields, such as e.g. of medicine, philosophy, theology and IT.

The purpose of the Laboratory is:

  1. The assistance and production of new research in the scientific subjects of the Laboratory.
  2. The interconnection of the research in the scientific subjects of the Laboratory with postgraduate studies and the preparation of doctoral and post-doctoral theses, and with the possibility of a proposal for the granting of a scholarship, in accordance with the written provisions.
  3. The application of new technologies in education and research in the subjects of the Laboratory.
  4. The provision of services and development of products to natural and legal persons, in particular the preparation of studies and the provision of opinions, according to the provisions of p.d. 159/1984 (A’53).
  5. Conducting research programs with the participation of postgraduate students, PhD candidates, PhDs, post-doctorates and qualified scientists.
  6. The formulation of proposals for the legislative regulation of issues of bioethics, technoethics and law.
  7. Editing of publications and electronic publications.
  8. The organization of scientific lectures, workshops, conferences, symposia, seminars and other events, as well as the invitation of Greek and foreign scientists of recognized prestige.
  9. Cooperation with other Departments and Schools of Panteion University, other related Greek and foreign academic Institutions, Research Centers and Institutes.
  10. The cooperation with Public Services, Local Government Organizations, Regions/Sub-regions, as well as other scientific and social bodies in the context of studying and submitting proposals related to the scientific objects of the Laboratory.